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Video: Smart car eaten alive by sinkhole

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These sinkholes are resorting to increasingly sneaky tactics to lure cars into their maw. A Florida woman woman was tricked into driving right the mouth of one of them on Tuesday after it posed convincingly as a puddle of water on the road, according to Tampa Bay’s WTSP news.

“I saw some water on the road, and I saw the security officer in his car at the corner,” Martha Keeble said. “I made my turn and 20 seconds later I had water in my car up to my ears.”

Keeble was driving a Smart car (and really, how “smart” is it if it fell for the old “Don’t worry, I’m just a puddle” trick?) and barely had time to grab her belongings and flee.

Within minutes, the car had been completely swallowed up by the sinkhole. You can view a video of the car’s disappearing act, below.

It’s unclear what caused this particular hole to start swallowing cars, but the road where it happened is blocked off as a nearby property management company investigates.


  • Video: Smart car eaten alive by sinkhole

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