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Video schadenfreude:
Hapless DIYers destroy their own work

Warning: This video (below) may be hard for dedicated do-it-yourselfers to watch. May cause uncontrollable groaning as well as cries of “Why didn’t the videographer yell at him to stop?” May cause you to never attempt to fix your own bumper again.

Then again, it may just cause you to be more careful. Let’s go with that last one.

“Destroying a brand new car bumper” was posted to YouTube on the weekend with this notation: “After completing the installation of a new bumper, these goofballs promptly remove it by making a huge mistake in their car height calculations.”

“Goofballs” seems a bit harsh, but surely the lesson here is “take your time and always crunch the numbers — or you’ll wind up crunching something else.”

  • Video schadenfreude: <br>Hapless DIYers destroy their own work

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