Video: Presenting the ultimate driving distraction ? CarTube

This hilarious video will have you snickering. It's funny ? because it's true

By Ian Law Wheels.ca

Aug 12, 2013 2 min. read

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Distracted driving is a deadly practice that's responsible for more crashes than people realize.

During the recent long weekend, the OPP charged 233 motorists with distracted driving. In the first four months of this year alone, 19 of the 67 people who lost their lives in fatal collisions were "victims of an inattentive driver."

Part of the problem is that there are more and more tempting distractions being added to vehicles all the time, with vehicle manufacturers and tech giants offering an array of the latest technology, including wireless access.

Not too long ago BMW was calling their console-mounted screen electronics "smart" drive, which allowed the driver to access their Facebook and Twitter accounts while driving. That certainly wasn't very "smart"at all. Allowing the driver to be distracted by these trivial means of communicating while driving is downright irresponsible.

When I asked a BMW Canada marketing official about this, her response was: "We know motorists want to access these anyway, so we just made it easier for them."

Give your head a shake, BMW, and all the other manufacturers out there who have followed suit. The last thing we need are drivers who are busy processing Facebook information instead of driving information.

This witty and entertaining video by Barely Political, below, parodies the growing distracted-driving phenomenon. Taken to its deadliest extreme, here is what could happen if we allow our vehicles to become "CarTube."

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