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News flash: Lambo sheared in half in accident was speeding

Nobody injured in logic-defying collision on quiet street

  • Lamborghini servings

On Monday we posted this incredible video, filmed in Brooklyn and posted on YouTube, and remarked on how it left us with more questions than answers. Such as “How does anyone (let alone everyone) walk away from an accident in which a car has been split in half? How does a car that costs $400,000 virtually self-destruct when delivered a glancing blow? Why does that woman passing by not seem more perturbed? Are massive, Lamborghini servings that common in Brooklyn?”

Lamborghini servings

Lamborghini servings

Lamborghini servings

Today, we’re getting some answers. They’re not at all surprising, in fact they’re pretty much no-brainers, but they’re a great excuse to run these amazing crash scene photos, courtesy of CarBuzz.

CarBuzz reports that the Lamborghini Aventador was travelling “at a high rate of speed” and that the Mazda driver misjudged his timing and cut him off as he turned left. Miraculously, no one was injured in the making of this viral video, below.

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