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Video: Enraged man destroys BMW M6 with sledgehammer

Destroying exotic cars fast becoming a pointless tradition

  • BMW M6

Yet another disgruntled wealthy person has upheld the auto show tradition of destroying a car most of us would love to have in elaborately violent fashion.

In this case, an angry BMW M6 owner pounded the bejeebers out of his car at the Frankfurt Motor Show yesterday, going at it with a sledgehammer and an axe as astonished crowds looked on (see video, below).

Italy-based businessman Pourmohseni Hadi said he and a friend smashed the $160,000 car because he was frustrated with its “ongoing problems,” the U.K. Daily Mirror reported.

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He claims the car has been dogged with persistent problems, including vibrations, rattles and shifting joints during gear changes.

Speaking to German newspaper Blid, he said: “BMW Italia and the Munich headquarters have pushed the responsibility back and forth. I have written BMW a letter – no response. Now I answer. With this action.”

Watch this amazing video to gain insight into the strange workings of the rage-fuelled mind — and also, ironically, the surprising resilience of a BMW. That thing takes quite a pounding before any dents even begin to register!

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