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VIDEO: Acura TL bursts into flames outside Brampton dealership

  • Car queue in the bad traffic road. Selective focus.

It’s not looking to be the cheeriest of holidays for one Acura owner in Brampton.

Video footage captured outside the Acura 2000 dealership earlier this month shows a 2008 Acura TL engulfed in flames. In the video, fire crews work hard to put out the mysterious blaze as a Lexus employee from a dealership next door films the car-nage.

Ironically, the owner of the torched car says he had brought the car in earlier to have it serviced for a power steering recall to prevent a possible fire. Within 24 hours of the job being completed the car burst into flames, he told Autoblog in an email.

The cause of the fire was apparently power steering fluid leaking onto the catalytic converter.

The owner reported that Acura agreed the mechanic botched the job, and that is what caused the fire. But both the Acura dealership and Honda Canada have reportedly refused to take any action, he said. The owner’s insurance company, however, has covered the loss.

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  • VIDEO: Acura TL bursts into flames outside Brampton dealership

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