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Vermont Debating Emoji License Plates, Winky-Face

If passed, the bill would make Vermont the first state in the U.S. to offer emojis on license plates

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams January 29, 2020

Yeah, the guy that hit me had a license plate L3T1M and I think it might have been a taco? It’s a strange call, but it could become a lot more common in Vermont thanks to new legislation that would allow emojis on vanity license plates.

The bill was introduced to the Vermont legislature by Democratic State Representative Rebecca White, who represents the Windsor district which is near, well, (sorry Vermont) not much of anything. White is on the House Committee on Transportation and brought bill H. 866 to the committee, entitled An act relating to emoji registration plates.

It calls for a new special licence plate that would offer motorists a choice of six emojis, the faces you annoy people with in text messages and emails, in addition to assigned or selected numbers and letters. The bill doesn’t say which emojis would be allowed, but we expect a few to be right out of the running like the eggplant, peach, or poop emojis. Though maybe adding an eggplant to the plate of drivers found guilty of aggressive or distracted driving offences would be a nice alert to other drivers.

If passed, the bill would make Vermont the first state in the U.S. to offer emojis on license plates, but it would not be the first place in the world to allow it.

Emoji License Plates

Queensland, Australia took that honour early last year when they passed legislation adding five emojis: tears of joy, sunglasses, winking, smiling, and heart-eyes. There, the emojis are purely decorative, and not part of the actual registration number, which is still on the plate.

Adding graphics to license plates is already common in some Canadian provinces, especially Ontario, where more than 70 license plate graphics are already available, including logos of sports teams, universities and colleges, and other service clubs, military regiments, environmental groups, and charities.

Other recent license plate innovations include a trial in California starting in 2018 that uses a digital license plate in place of a conventional metal tag. That plate could change text to alert if it had been stolen, display other temporary messages, and even give its location to law enforcement if needed.

Emoji License Plates