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Vancouver Lamborghini driver can't afford a $500 fine

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A 22-year-old Vancouver driver was pulled over by RCMP in Richmond, B.C., for not having a front licence plate. When they found out he didn’t have insurance, the officers issued the driver a $500 ticket, which the driver claimed he could not afford to pay.

Nothing unusual for a 22-year-old to not have insurance, you say? Perhaps, but this guy was driving a 2012 Lamborghini Aventador. Worth close to half a million dollars, this guy’s ride wasn’t exactly the beater that many younger drivers own.

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And so, the Italian supercar was towed off to the police impound, according to News 1130.

“[The officer] issued a violation ticket for no insurance and was going to tow the vehicle. And when the owner got the ticket his reply was that it was too expensive,” Corporal Robert McDonald with RCMP Traffic Services told News 1130.

“It is just funny that you can afford the Lamborghini but you can’t afford the insurance? You can’t afford the ticket?”

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