• Using Race Track Data, Jag Gives I-Pace Owners More Range

Using Race Track Data, Jag Gives I-Pace Owners More Range

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Matthew Guy By: Matthew Guy December 10, 2019

It used to be that if a customer purchased a shiny new vehicle only for the automaker to roll out a snazzy update the very next year (*ahem 2011 Mustang 5.0L ahem*), they were stuck with their old model until its depreciation leveled off. These days, some OEMs can push vehicle updates and upgrades to all hands, whether one bought their car last week or last year.

This is especially true for all-electric vehicles, given the inherent level of programming baked into all their systems. Some of these updates are minute, such as an infotainment rethink or map renewal for the satnav. Others are a lot more extensive. Jag’s most recent update for the I-Pace falls squarely into the latter category.

Taking technical knowledge gained from the I-Pace eTrophy race series, the company has developed a range-boosting software upgrade for I-Pace customers. Changes to the all-electric model will improve battery performance and deliver up to 20km of additional real-world driving range. In a segment where every last kilometre counts, this is a big deal.

It’s the modern day equivalent of winning on Sunday and selling on Monday. In total, Jag race engineers are implementing changes to three areas of I-Pace. Alterations are to be made to the all-wheel drive system, changing torque distribution between the front and rear motors to deliver greater efficiency when driving in Eco mode.

Using Race Track Data, Jag Gives I-Pace Owners More Range

Competition also gave the team insight to the car’s temperature control. Refinements to thermal management will make greater use of the active radiator vane system, closing the vanes more frequently to enhance aerodynamic performance. Finally, these updates also allow the battery to run to a lower state of charge than previously permitted without affecting driveability, durability, or performance.

Away from the track, Jag also used real-world data to make improvements to regenerative braking and range calculation. The former will harvest energy more efficiently when the battery is in a high state of charge while the latter employs changes to the predictive range calculation algorithm.

Customers are being invited to take vehicles to their Jaguar Retailer to receive the complimentary update. The wide-ranging changes will also enable enhanced Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) functionality. After receiving the latest software, more electronic modules will be able to receive remote updates, providing ongoing enhancements to the customer experience.

Sure beats buying a Mustang a year before the 5.0L Coyote appeared.