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Update from Dakar: Another day, another Canuck down

The Dakar’s reputation as an unforgiving test of man and machine has hit another of the three Canadian competitors on just the third day of 15. Day 2 saw the retirement of David Bensadoun in the Aldo Racing Desert Warrior. On Day 3, bike rider Don Hatton also had to call it quits.

Running in the dark, Hatton was reportedly hit by a truck while struggling in deep sand. While Don was physically unhurt in the incident, the bike was heavily damaged. With no navigation, the transmission was stuck in neutral. Hatton was able to get the bike moving again, but was left motionless when the engine died and would not restart. Rally Raid Canada has reported all of their efforts to stay on top of Don’s situation here.

It is somewhat ironic that on Day 2, Don was complaining that the cars were not using their Sentinal (warning) systems to warn riders of their approach from behind.

The lone Canadian Rider

Canadian KTM rep, Patrick Beaule is still running strong and is shown in 54th place overall out of 170 bikes still in action. This is one of those cases where no news is good news!

Keep it up Patrick!

The above photos of Patrick aboard the #110 KTM are from Gary S. You can see more of Gary’s photos from Dakar here. As the rally moves further away from him, Gary has promised that his “amigos” will be on the lookout for the Canadian rider.

How big are the dunes?

In case you have ever wondered just how big the sand dunes are on The Dakar, check out the “top moment” of Day 3 as chosen by the organizers. This one is like falling off a building. Fortunately for one rider, the sand stopped his tumble before he got to the bottom!

  • Update from Dakar: Another day, another Canuck down

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