• Diamond-in-Diamond quilting

Unique Bentley Stitching Proves Popular  

Bentley’s Diamond-in-Diamond quilting offers a unique interior personalization.

Avatar By: Wheels.ca December 28, 2019

With an exact 712 stitches per diamond, Bentley’s striking Diamond-in-Diamond Quilting pattern for the interiors of the new Continental GT and Continental GT Convertible models is now ordered by three-quarters of all customers, as part of the Mulliner Driving Specification.

The Diamond-in-Diamond Quilting requires a high level of skill to produce and has a complex design story and manufacturing process.

The pattern can be commissioned for all four seats, door casings and rear quarters. It is soft to the touch and truly stunning in appearance when viewed from both the inside and outside of the cars.

Combining intricate stitching and embroidery, the unique quilting concept features a grid of elegant diamonds.

Diamond-in-Diamond quilting

Initially designed for the Continental GT and GTC, the Diamond-in-Diamond concept adds a more sporting look to the cars’ interior, alongside the other elements of the Mulliner Driving Specification: 22-inch lightweight forged alloy wheels, embroidered Bentley emblems, additional veneer options, a jewelled-finish fuel filler, sports pedals and indented leather headliner.

A new quilting interpretation, inspired by the Diamond-in-Diamond technique is now being rolled out for Bentley’s new Flying Spur, launched in 2019.

The new design features an elegant series of ever-lengthening diamonds tumbling down the seat, in precise yet seemingly random formation – this new technique uses the same machinery as the original Diamond-in-Diamond pattern.

Better by design

Diamond-in-Diamond quilting

When redesigning the quilting for the Continental GT and GTC, Bentley designers were aiming to create something that could not easily be replicated.

The concept features a floating diamond within a main grid of larger diamonds. Unlike more simple or traditional quilting designs, the Diamond-in-Diamond requires more than just a simple sewing machine to complete the pattern, and cannot be achieved by hand.

Specialist machine embroidery is employed, with a twofold result: solving the problem of how to achieve this complex pattern, as well as adding a new process that brings extra value in the highest level of craftsmanship.