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Unifor Urges Canadians to Boycott Mexican Built GM Vehicles as Automaker Warns of Collateral Damage

Especially for an Ontario economy that is now open for business.

Gary Grant By: Gary Grant January 28, 2019

The standoff between General Motors and workers union, Unifor, intensifies, as union officials call for Canadians to boycott GM products which have been built in Mexico.

Last week began with union members blockading access to the automaker’s Oshawa headquarters and now National Secretary Treasurer Bob Orr has asked Canadian consumers not to buy Mexican built General Motors products.

In fact, the union has gone so far as to ask consumers to visit the Unifor website and sign a pledge that they will not buy a Mexican made GM vehicle unless the company maintains production in Canada.

If only it were that simple.

Moments afterwards, General Motors responded with a reminder that boycotting Mexican assembled vehicles could have far reaching effects on Canadian jobs.

A news release says that there are “over 60 Ontario-based auto parts companies supporting Mexico production”. The release also reminds us that Unifor employees build transmissions for North American vehicles in St. Catherines and stamp body panels in Ingersoll. Those body panels are shipped to Mexico for assembly and are then sold in Canada.

“The threat of collateral damage for Ontario based auto suppliers, auto dealers and workers is concerning, especially for an Ontario economy that is now open for business, with every opportunity to now benefit from increased trade with Mexico”, said GM Canada vice president, David Paterson.

Mexican Built GM vehicles

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