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UK Firm Announces World’s First Autonomous Simulation

For the first time, autonomous vehicles can be accurately tested and trained without using real roads thanks to a British autonomous driving simulation firm.

Avatar By: Wheels.ca April 14, 2018
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UK-based driving simulation company, rFpro, has launched the world’s first commercially available platform to train and develop autonomous vehicles in simulation.

Using a digital environment to accurately represent the real world, the technology enables vehicle manufacturers to test their systems in every scenario imaginable.

The key to rFpro’s platform is the level of accuracy achieved replicating the real world in simulation.

This enables the various sensors used for autonomous vehicles to react naturally and therefore test results are completely representative.

The company has been producing a library of real roads created through highly precise scanning technology, which forms the basis of the simulation. As it is a digital platform, users have control of all the variables, such as traffic, pedestrians, weather and location, enabling them to test every eventuality.

The technology has been developed over the last three years and has already been adopted by two major vehicle manufactures and three autonomous car developers.

It is also being used by a driver-less motorsport series.

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