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Two-year-old drives pickup truck into neighbour's house

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Some kids just can’t wait to get their hands on the keys to the family car.

But a Georgia toddler may take the record for underage driving after he drove his dad’s shiny red pickup truck right into a neighbour’s home, taking out gas lines, water lines, two windows and a main wall in the process.

Kathleen and George Williams told WXIA News they were alarmed to come home to find a truck sticking out of the wall of their home.

The truck belonged to their neighbour across the street.

WXIA reports that the neighbour told police he was unloading the pickup with his toddler in the cab, and the boy put the truck in gear while his dad’s attention was diverted.

The vehicle then rolled down the driveway, across the street and into the Williams’ home.

George Williams said that once he got over the shock, he was just happy the boy wasn’t injured in the incident.

“Nobody was hurt,” he said. ” Things can be fixed, people can’t.”

  • Two-year-old drives pickup truck into neighbour's house

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