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Two wheeling bus makes it through traffic circle

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When I was shuttled around the English countryside recently on the way to the Goodwood FoS, I was fascinated by the vehicular dance that happens in just about every roundabout. Some drivers are timid, seemingly terrified to enter the traffic circle, while others seem hell bent on destruction as they treat each rounder as their own personal race track.

The Russian mini-bus driver in the video below seems to have met his match as he sped through a traffic circle, as an equally impatient city bus driver clips the left rear corner of the van. Although the complete save happens off screen, the rate at which the van appears to be putting its wheels back on the ground it looks like the smaller people mover was well on its way down the road more or less safely.

1/6 scale Batmobile unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con
While I’m not one to get excited by the whole Comic-Con scene, I do cherish my somewhat eclectic collection of diecast model cars and even pick up the occasional Domo character here and there. Folks who do get into the toy and comic scene seriously are beyond hard core and open their wallets freely to add high quality replicas to their collections. The folks at Hot Toys, based in Hong Kong build ultra high end toys for this crowd and at the recent Comic-Con in San Diego they unveiled a new 1/6 scale Batmobile. Close to a metre long, the representation of George Barris’ original Batmobile should sell for somewhere between $400 to $700 when it comes to market next year and you can bet they will sell every single one. To see some of the details of the model, hit the video below from youtube user emarae.

Mazda6 teaser #3
As Mazda very slowly unveils their new Mazda6 on youtube, this third tidbit takes us further aft on the driver’s side. Still clad in sultry looking Soul Red, we can finally see for certain that this is a sedan and not a wagon. If you haven’t already seen them, be sure to check out teasers one and two.

On board video is the closest you’ll ever get to driving an F1 car
There is lots of onboard video out there these days, some of it is pretty darned good, but most cameras are mounted on a roll bar or beside the driver. Sometimes, we see a GoPro mounted on top of a driver’s helmet, but it still isn’t quite the driver’s view. No more, as Pirelli recently sent their Formula 1 test driver out for a lap of Spa with a true eye view camera. Lucas di Grassi actually drove the session with only one eye, as the camera was directly in front of his other eye!

As it almost always does, it was raining at Spa when di Grassi took to the track. Just because he was blind in one eye and driving on a wet track doesn’t mean that the driver had any plans to take it easy. Nope, if you watch the steering wheel closely, you will see that on several occasions di Grassi touches 280 km/h on the straights! Be sure to crank the speakers and take advantage of the HD footage by watching this full screen. It is the closest you or I will ever get to driving a Formula 1 car!

  • Two wheeling bus makes it through traffic circle
  • Two wheeling bus makes it through traffic circle
  • Two wheeling bus makes it through traffic circle
  • Two wheeling bus makes it through traffic circle

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