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Trucker's insane two-lane pass attempt nearly leads to disaster

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To say that drivers the world over are more than a little bit lacking in skill is an understatement, but sometimes the lack of good judgement is far more deadly. When that lack of insight happens behind the wheel of a transport truck, the potential for destruction is that much greater.

Passing on a two-lane highway is dicey at the best of times, but the driver of the camera car below came across the worst possible combo: an 18-wheeler trying to pass another. Fortunately for everyone involved, there was a tiny strip of grass the car was able to use to avoid a catastrophe.

Marcelli crash due to contact from LMP1 car

Yesterday I mentioned that local favourite Kyle Marcelli’s race at the Grand Prix of Mosport ended early with a crash, but I wasn’t sure of the cause at the time. Marcelli confirmed this morning that the 260 km/h crash was the result of being clipped by another car. The Barrie resident’s right rear tire was cut when Marcelli was hit by a car competing in the LMP1 class. The number 8 of Marcelli led for most of the race and was a favourite to win.

Real-life Batman visits sick kids in hospital

While the continent is reeling from the massacre that occurred south of the border during the opening of the latest Batman flick, a real-life Batman is doing his part to restore the world’s faith in humanity and superheros. You may have heard the recent story about a man who was pulled over in his Lamborghini while wearing a Batman costume. That guy is Lenny B. Robinson, who dons his Batsuit to entertain patients on the kids ward at Maryland hospitals and was on his way home from one such visit when he was pulled over.

According to my old friend Mike Spinelli at Jalopnik, Robinson has traded in the raging bull for an old skool Batmobile replica, one that has a Canadian connection. The completely custom “Anti Crime Roadster” was built by Unique Movie Cars and Props, who are based in British Columbia. Powered by a Ford V8, the replica is complete right down to working Bat-radarscope, bat-wing steering wheel and other such goodies. Bat-Robinson is making a road trip to pick up the car, driving back to Maryland from B.C. and visiting kids in hospital along the way.

McLaren-Mercedes performs best ever pit stop

By now, most Formula 1 fans know that Fernando Alonso won the German Grand Prix this past weekend. They also likely know about the off track pass that Sebastian Vettel made on Jensen Button in the closing laps. What’s that, you pvr’d it and haven’t watched yet? Sorry. What might be the most exciting part of the race however, happened in the pits, not out on the track.

Unfortunately, a good pit strategy is often the deciding factor in most racing series. While a good pit stop can help a driver win, a bad one can take a team right out of the race. Good is one thing, we expect good pit stops from F1 teams, but what the McLaren-Mercedes team did on Sunday is almost unbelievable. They beat the existing pit stop record by 0.3 of a second, installing four tires and sending the Brit driver on his way in just 2.3 seconds! Talk about superheros!

DRIVE goes Trackside at the Grand Prix of Mosport

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, motorsports fanatics have a tough time explaining just what it is that draws us to the lifestyle. Yes, auto racing is a sport, but it is a sport that permeates every moment of one’s life. You could say that it is an obsession.

J.F. Musial and his crew from DRIVE were at the Grand Prix of Mosport this past weekend, following the IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge and the Flying Lizard Porsches and have condensed a full day of racing to just 18 magnificent minutes. The great thing about Musial’s production style is that he captures more than just racing, he captures the little details and the human moments of racing. DRIVE Trackside completely captures my obsession with my home away from home: Mosport.

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