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Truck fuel economy: Does anyone actually care?

Have you noticed that pick-up truck advertising always seems to stress fuel consumption?

Ford is boosting its EcoBoost turbocharged Direct Injection Engine (that’s one of them, left).

Ram (not Dodge any more) says it has Best in Class fuel consumption, thanks to its eight-speed transmission.

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Chevy talks about “unsurpassed” V8 fuel consumption, by which they mean the GMC equivalent does as well on that count.

But do customers for this type of vehicle give a flying wahoo about fuel consumption?

Not so’s you’d notice.

It seems to me whenever I see a pick-up truck on the highway, it’s a huge four-by-four going a billion km/h.

Fuel consumption – who cares?

BTW, if you didn’t see that episode of MythBusters, they proved it doesn’t help fuel consumption in a pick-up to run with the tailgate down.

And another thing, to all pick-up makers – Canada switched to the metric system shortly after the last Ice Age. Why are you still advertising fuel consumption in miles per gallon?

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  • Truck fuel economy: Does anyone actually care?

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