Traffic Jams: BMW 7 series

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Car: BMW 7 series

Song: Led Zeppelin, “Kashmir”

Where: “Trollstigen” – the “Troll Ladder,” Norway

Statesmen, dictators and nameless mob bosses ride in series 7 BMWs – or at least they do if they want to at least try to be inconspicuous. You can get this car with a six litre V12. You can also get it with armour plating and bulletproof glass. Get both and you’ll feel imperious and untouchable, floating past mere mortals on beautiful leather seats in a climate-controlled tank. It’s a BMW, though, so it isn’t just some overpowered barge on cushy suspension – it’s meant to be driven, preferably on some awesome road like Norway’s Trollstigen. You’ll feel even more like you’re taking the back stairs to Thor’s summer place with Led Zeppelin’s eerie, bombastic dirge blasting from the state-of-the-art sound system while your Blackberry rings, unheeded, under your alpaca Armani overcoat in the back seat.

  • Traffic Jams: BMW 7 series

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