Traffic Jams: ’71 Plymouth Cuda

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1971 Plymouth Cuda


Golden Earring, “Radar Love”


The 407, early evening, on a summer weekend when everyone’s at the cottage

You can pretend the ’70s never ended with Robert and Fiona Young’s ’71 383 Cuda in yellow and black, beautifully restored for the auto show’s Cruise Nationals. Because what gearhead of a certain age doesn’t want to pretend that the folks are away, the car is yours, and the freeway is eerily deserted as the sun goes down? As for the song, Golden Earring’s 1973 hit “Radar Love” might be the most obvious car song ever recorded, with its drag racing imagery painted with libidinous overdrive, delivered breathlessly by the Dutch hard rock band, and designed to blare from pre-bass bin car speakers. Obvious, yeah, but is there a car more obvious than a bright yellow Cuda?

  • Traffic Jams: ’71 Plymouth Cuda

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