Traffic Jams: 2014 Audi R8

  • Detail of an automatic gear shifter in a new, modern car. Modern car interior with close-up of automatic transmission and cockpit background


2014 Audi R8


808 State, “In Yer Face”


The Mulsanne Straight at LeMans

They’ve refreshed the looks a bit but the new R8 remains the same — the most rational, modern, temperamentally-German supercar on the market today. It’s a beautiful machine that glories in its mechanical essence, like the classic techno you used to get out-of-your-head to back in your raving youth. Orbital, Prodigy, 808 State. They took the same care making those tracks that Audi puts into the V10 in their top of the line R8. All that dubstep garbage the kids listen to nowadays is like some gaudy, lowered Evo covered in body kit and spoilers. And who knew that the same company that made the Fox would end up owning LeMans? Always prepare to be surprised — after all, who imagined you behind the wheel of this beautiful machine barrelling down the Mulsanne at 190 mph back when you were dancing like a loon in an abandoned warehouse by the docks?

  • Traffic Jams: 2014 Audi R8

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