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Introducing Toyota Safety Sense — the brand’s new system of advanced safety technologies that will be applied to future vehicle models.

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Toyota has always been an innovator in the automotive industry, having established a global presence that few competitors can rival. Currently the most popular automotive brand in the world, Toyota puts more new vehicles on the road each year than any other manufacturer. Out of all the continents that sell Toyota vehicles, the Japanese automaker has found its most loyal customers in North America. Car buyers and critics have come to admire Toyota’s iconic vehicles for their efficiency, quality craftsmanship and unparalleled value — but Toyota has unveiled a new initiative that will have people thinking superior safety as well!

Introducing Toyota Safety Sense — the brand’s new system of advanced safety technologies that will be applied to future vehicle models. As an industry leader, Toyota has addressed advanced vehicle safety — and since producing its 200 millionth vehicle worldwide in 2012 — Toyota has embraced its social responsibility to make the world a better place to drive.

Toyota Safety Sense is a reaffirmation of Toyota’s continued commitment to building top quality vehicles that integrate the most current safety features to help prevent unforeseen dangers for motorists. An addition to the company’s pre-existing “Star Safety System”, the Japanese automaker has plans to keep its customers moving forward by facilitating industry-leading safety measures to help reduce injury caused by vehicle collisions.

Toyota has engineered their vehicle safety systems to assist drivers’ decision-making skills and speed-based control. Current Toyota models offering Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) are the 2016 Avalon, 2016 RAV4 AWD Limited, 2016 RAV4 Hybrid Limited w/ Tech Package and 2016 Prius c Tech Package. Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) will also be available on most models by the end of 2017 and will include a plethora of game-changing features.

Depending on your choice of vehicle package, new safety features may include a “Pre-Collision System”, which combines an in-vehicle camera and laser radar to identify approaching objects. In the event you encounter a potential hazard, an alert may sound, along with a visual warning to help reduce the risk of a collision, with the automatic “brake assist” feature working to decrease the speed of vehicle upon impact. For vehicles with Toyota Safety Sense P, The Pre-Collision System has the added dimension of pedestrian detection for even greater alert.

“Automatic High Beams” adjust to vehicles approaching from the opposite direction with the use of a camera to detect light intensity and adjust between low and high beams based on the situation. Drivers can now feel more comfortable driving in varying degrees of darkness, with less risk of “high beaming” oncoming traffic.

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“Lane Departure Alert” is a nifty little safety feature to help keep drivers on the straight and narrow — literally. This new function is designed to alert a vehicle operator who may be drifting into another lane through the use of a camera that detects the white and yellow road markings. If the vehicle crosses into another lane without engaging the appropriate turn signal, an audio/visual notification may be issued to warn the driver of the potential hazard. Even in the absence of danger, the Lane Departure Alert helps encourage motorists to practice safer driving habits, similar to buckling up when you hear the seatbelt sensor warning. An additional “Steering Assist” feature may be included on select models equipped with Toyota Safety Sense P, which may apply corrective steering input to help prevent lane drifting from occurring in the first place.

The “Dynamic Radar Cruise Control” feature will also be included on vehicles with Toyota Safety Sense P, which utilizes a millimeter-wave radar and in-vehicle camera, assisting the operator to set and maintain a controlled distance between themselves and the vehicles in front of them, depending on vehicle speeds. Vehicles with this special feature may have their travelling speeds automatically adjusted by the radar system depending on vehicle speed, making this one of the smartest and most responsive cruise control features around!

Toyota is continuously proving its commitment to driver safety by implementing these cutting-edge safety features. In an unpredictable world, some extra help can go a long way in guiding us through this crowded highway we can life. To learn more about Toyota Safety Sense, click on the link below to explore all the additional safety features Toyota has to offer.

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