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Toyota Next-gen Autonomous Car at CES

Showcased at this week’s CES Show in Las Vegas, Toyota is unveiling its Platform 3.0 with features long-range 200-metre perception around 360-degree perimeter of vehicle.

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The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) in California is showing its next-generation automated driving research vehicle, Platform 3.0, at CES this week in Las Vegas.

The new platform, which is built on a Lexus LS 600hL, combines greater technological capabilities with new harmonized styling that integrates the automated vehicle technology into the LS model’s design.

TRI approached development of a new research platform with three core principles:

(1) Elevate perception capabilities to be an industry pacesetter among automated vehicles;

(2) Blend the sensing equipment into the vehicle design with a distinct appearance that is sleek and elegant;

(3) Package the automated vehicle technology in a manner that is easy to reproduce for building a fleet at scale.

Platform 3.0

Platform 3.0 represents maturing of TRI’s automated vehicle research. Experimentation has transitioned to narrowing in on a technology package with a more defined sensor configuration and level of performance that helps catapult proficiency in understanding the world around the car.

Platform 3.0 has a very sensor-rich package that makes it one of the most perceptive automated driving test cars on the road.

The Luminar LIDAR system with 200-metre range, which had only tracked the forward direction on TRI’s previous test platform, now covers the vehicle’s complete 360-degree perimeter.

This is enabled by four high-resolution LIDAR scanning heads, which precisely detect objects in the environment including notoriously difficult-to-see dark objects.

Shorter-range LIDAR sensors are positioned low on all four sides of the vehicle – one in each front quarter panel and one each on the front and rear bumpers.

These can detect low-level and smaller objects near the car like children and debris in the roadway.

The new platform remains flexible for incorporating future breakthrough technology as it becomes available.

Platform 3.0

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