• Toronto Police Stolen Porsche

Toronto Police Cruiser Pins a Stolen Porsche

Toronto police said the man was arrested following a brief foot pursuit.

Gary Grant By: Gary Grant April 30, 2018
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Watch a Toronto police cruiser pin a stolen Porsche under a bridge. Toronto police were in pursuit of a stolen Porsche on Saturday, when a quick thinking officer pinned it under a bridge to put an end to the chase.

A video taken by a motorist shows the car driving along the shoulder of the Gardiner Expressway, as a police Ford Explorer makes an abrupt move to block its path. The Porsche is pinned between the SUV and the Dufferin Street bridge abutment. The driver of the Porsche exits the vehicle through the driver’s door and runs up the hill alongside the highway in an effort to escape. He was caught by officers out of sight of the camera.

Police say they have the as yet un-named perp in custody.

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