Toronto Auto Show: Chrysler unveils 2014 Dodge Challenger Shaker

Brampton-built beauty blends old and new-school muscle

Chrysler is flexing some new old-school muscle at the Canadian International Auto Show this year: it’s unveiling the 2014 Dodge Challenger Shaker. Or, as Justin Timberlake might say, “They’re bringing Shaker back.”

You can’t look at it without being instantly transported back to the ’70s. The Challenger has a functional Shaker air intake with satin black detailing, 20-inch polished aluminum wheels and all the snarl and beef you’d expect of a muscle car. But it’s also got some sweet new-age treats, including performance-tuned steering, a stiffer suspension, bigger brakes and three-mode Electronic Stability Control(ESC) that can be completely deactivated for the ultimate track experience.


Challenger Shaker

For those who remember the original Challenger, there’s also a stunning 1970 Dodge Challenger RT on display at the auto show in the “Muscle Car Alley” area, where it rubs glossy shoulders with nine other Cruise Nationals finalists.

Challenger Shaker

Classic Challenger.

For more information on the auto show, which runs Friday till Feb. 23, click here.

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