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Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson drives the 'world's smallest car'

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Okay, so it’s not really the world’s smallest car – because we’re not sure this contraption on wheels even qualifies as a car.

But the boys at Top Gear seemed to really enjoy poking fun at the micro-car craze that has taken the auto industry by storm in Europe.

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In a recent episode of the hit BBC automotive show, Clarkson debuted the P45, humorously referred to as the “world’s smallest car.” Bravely, the host took the “car” – it’s more like a modified 100cc go-kart with a wearable body and windshield – for a test drive.

Some of the positives of Top Gear‘s creation? In city driving, the small car is able to deftly slip by traffic. You can even fill the car’s 1.7-litre tank without getting out!

And the downsides? Well, highway driving is more than a little problematic for the slow vehicle. Driver safety is also highly questionable. And it would appear the motorist feels literally every bump on the road in this car. Must be one of the great features of the P45.

Somehow, we’re not sure this car will make it to mass production.

See the P45 in action below:

  • Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson drives the 'world's smallest car'

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