Top 10 Christmas Wishlist Cars

With the Christmas season upon us, we decided to sit down and have a think: if our loved one had deep enough pockets, which car keys would we like to see in our stockings?

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With the Christmas season upon us, we decided to sit down and have a think: if our loved one had deep enough pockets, which car keys would we like to see in our stockings? However, as the list continued to evolve, we realized that some of the coolest cars, well, don’t actually require the fattest wallets.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Edition

The classic Heritage Blue Paintjob. The spotlights. The beadlock wheels; these are all details that make this particular FJ that much more special. The fact that the vehicle meets its unfortunate demise for the 2015 models year is another reason it makes this list; this could very well be a classic a few years from now. Plus, its off-road acumen can handle most anything a rugged Canadian winter can throw at it.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Jeep Wrangler Willys Wheeler Edition

Also coming at you from the cheap off-road thrills department is the 2015 Jeep Willys; unlike the FJ, this absolutely will be available in the new year, and it’s almost as cool. Dark green with black wheels and chrome “Willys” script all over the place, this special edition from a company that knows special editions is perhaps the best ever channeling of the vehicle that started it all: the Willys MB.

Jeep Willy

Ford Mustang

While the mustang has always been a great way to go fast without go-fast money (especially in V8 GT form, unless you count fuel costs), it climbs the “cheap thrills” ladder even higher for 2015, with the release of an all-new, turbocharged four-cylinder version. Of the three engines available (the I4, a V6 and a V8) this is probably the best power-to-money ratio, providing 310 hp and 320 lb.-ft. of torque, with the added bonus of 10.6 L/100 km in the city, and 7.5 on the highway.

Ford Mustang

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Yes, the Hellcat trim, specifically. Good for 707 hp and 650 lb.-ft. of torque, the supercharged V8 in the engine bay of the Challenger’s hottest model will take those sugar plums dancing in your head to the cleaners with little more than a quick stab of the throttle. Honourable mention goes to the Challenger’s Charger Hellcat sibling, which gets the added benefit of two more doors.

Dodge Hellcat

Jaguar F-type R Coupe

This is a story about Christmas “wishes”, right? As opposed to “Christmas guarantees”? Good. In that case, the JFTRC absolutely belongs here. Gorgeous looks, a surreal exhaust note and behind only the Hellcats and Ferrari on this list in the power department makes this the most noteworthy Jag in a long, long time. Even the Porsche Cayman is sweating a little.

Jaguar F-Type

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Well, for one, its name. You have to think Ferrari, that storied manufacturer who has been building spectacular cars since before The Beatles, would be very careful before calling any car they release “special”. Having said that, the race-tuned suspension, 597 hp V8 and oh-so-perfect (but optional) racing stripes on this particular 458 mean it’s absolutely befitting of the name. Plus, it follows a long line of track-tuned mid-engined Ferrari specials, many of which are still considered masters of motoring, even today.

Ford Fiesta ST

What? Another Ford? Yes, that’s right. Because the Fiesta ST is probably the most fun you’ll have in a car all year, made even more so by the fact you can have big performance for a song. Better still, this superb supermini makes over 200 hp and just under 200 lb.-ft. from its tiny 1.6L turbo four banger. Add a lively steering rack, optional Molten Orange exterior paint (with an interior to match), and you have the makings of one festive ride.

Ford Fiesta

Kia Soul EV

No, we’re not kidding. Here is a fully-electric car that doesn’t look like one, save for a few funky additions like special aerodynamic wheels, two-tone paintjob (white with blue roof, or blue with white roof) and a range (about 150 km) that equals that of the Nissan Leaf. Inside, art-deco style speakers, bio-sourced seat materials and big greenhouse make for a thoroughly modern appearance. And the way the front “grille” flips open to reveal both a level I and level II charge port? Fantastic.

Kia Soul

Porsche Cayman GTS

“GTS” speaks volumes, here; those three letters denote the most hardcore of the current crop of Caymans available from the storied marque, making what’s already a very capable vehicle even better. Alcantara suede draped over lovely bucket seats and red gauge faces make the interior a special place to be while black headlamp surrounds (a wonderful throwback to Porsches of old) and matching rims ensure this particular Cayman stands out from its lesser-endowed brethren. Forget the best Cayman; this is one of the best driving Porsches you can get today.

Porsche Cayman

Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG

What do you get when you take a Europe-only hatchback, put it up on stilts and shoehorn the most powerful turbo-4 available on the market today into the engine bay? Well, the GLA45 urban SUV, of course! Not only do you get the power, but it handles very well thanks to its 4MATIC AWD set-up and sounds unlike many Benzes you’ve heard before. For the ultimate GLA experience, opt for the Edition 1 model (pictured) for some crazy graphics and a red stripe around the rims, just like classic muscle cars of old.

BONUS, because it’s so darn cool:

Morgan Three Wheeler

Exposed S & S Cycle V-twin engine out front. Twin tailpipes running down either side. Single wheel out back. RAF paintjob. Forget Ferraris, McLarens or Bugattis; everybody seems to have one of those these days. In you really want to turn some heads—and we mean really—then the Morgan Three Wheeler, a rebirth of a design pioneered as far back as 1911, is the way to go. Oh, but it’s too wintry in Canada in December for this to be feasible, you say? Come on; we all know we’d love to jump in to a classic WWII-era bomber jacket, leather cap and goggles, strap on our laced leather driving gloves, and go for a rip, even if it’s just to the Tim Horton’s drive through for a Dark Roast.

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  • Top 10 Christmas Wishlist Cars
  • Top 10 Christmas Wishlist Cars
  • Top 10 Christmas Wishlist Cars
  • Top 10 Christmas Wishlist Cars
  • Top 10 Christmas Wishlist Cars
  • Top 10 Christmas Wishlist Cars
  • Top 10 Christmas Wishlist Cars
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