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Iraqi desert burnout video proves we are all brothers

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Put a group of car hounds and one muscle car together anywhere in the world —  seriously, anywhere — and guess what will happen?

That car will be doing drifts. Skids. Burnouts. Smoky donuts. All while a frothing crowd of excited car buffs looks on, cheering and whooping and filming the entire episode with their cellphones.

Jalopnik found a YouTube video that shows the incredible appeal of this pastime. Filmed somewhere in the deserts of Iraq, it shows a young man holding court in front of a transfixed audience of dozens while he whips his Mustang 5.0 around like a rag doll.

It looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere. The language is foreign. You can’t tell where, exactly, it is, but you instantly recognize the crowd’s reaction. Because you’ve probably seen it before, right here.

Watch the video, below, right to the smoky end to see a nation speaking Burnout, the universal language.

  • Iraqi desert burnout video proves we are all brothers

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