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This is how NOT to install tire chains

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You will often hear tire experts say that the best two tires should always be on the rear wheels, even on a front-wheel drive vehicle. The theory is that FWD cars with the best tires on the front tend to spin too easily in the snow, causing very unexpected accidents. Tire chains on the other hand are not intended to improve handling. They are strictly used to improve forward traction in deep snow, meaning that they are usually only installed on the drive wheels.

Regular readers may recognize the name Marchettino. The YouTube user has been featured in the Insider Report a few times and now they have a Facebook page to go along with their videos. They came across the Fiat 500 you see above on a street somewhere in Europe. Those things you see on the rear wheels are tire chains. The Fiat 500 is front wheel drive!

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  • This is how NOT to install tire chains

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