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The (official) craziest of them all

How mad do you have to be to win the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally?

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<p>How mad do you have to be to win the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally?</p><p>Ask Ben Yu Schott, the 31-year-old civil servant from Whitehorse who rode to overall victory on a 1963 Honda Super Cub. </p><p>Sounds mad enough for a 749 km ride, but Yu Schott upped the ante considerably by dressing himself as "Mad Kitty," decked out in a white jumpsuit, Hello Kitty sneakers and purse – and many, many more Hello Kitty stickers than any grown man should ever wear.</p><p>Yu Schott, who shipped his bike from the Yukon (leaving his pregnant wife behind), said he'd wanted to ride in the rally since first hearing about its inaugural run in 2004.</p><p>"I had this drive to do it," he said. "I kept talking to the bike: `Come on, we can do this. Come on, let's go.'"</p><p>Yu Schott, who won a new Kymco Super 9 scooter for his efforts, won the Cub a couple of years ago in a bet over its hill-climbing abilities.</p><p>Despite the new Kymco, he said he'd like to do the next Mad Bastard rally on his Cub again, calling the bike "indestructible."</p><p>Dan Durston, 25, actually rode his Yamaha BWs 125 to the rally with two friends from his home in Whistler, B.C., a five-day ordeal.</p><p> "We ended up sleeping by the side of the road in tents and getting wet," said Durston, who was going to ride his scooter back home following the rally. </p><p>"We really didn't sleep much and we were constantly wet. We had to hit Wal-Marts on the way to buy warmer clothes because we were freezing.</p><p>"There were a lot of problems, but there were some awesome moments, too, like crossing the Rockies. You really get a sense of how huge this country really is."</p><p><em>–Andrew Meeson</em></p><p><em></em></p>

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