The Grand Tour Season 2 will debut on Amazon Prime December 8th

It's has now officially been announced that Amazon Prime Video will begin streaming the trio's global escapades on December 8th.

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We reported last month on what viewers can expect on the upcoming 2nd Season of The Grand Tour.

It’s has now officially been announced that Amazon Prime Video will begin streaming the trio’s global escapades on December 8th. The previous season can be watched now on Prime video in its entirety.

To say this show is highly anticipated is a bit of an understatement.  The popular motoring programme they previously hosted was at one time the most popular factual TV program on the planet, generating a global audience of over 350 million people.

And now it’s back with the release date set and no more delays.

No doubt news of Hammond’s Rimac crash and Jeremy’s run in with Pneumonia contributing to the longer than usual wait time for fans, but it seems that all is good now and the former travelling tent will return in fixed format to the Cotswolds, UK.

The trailer shows our hosts practicing their usual fare of motoring journalism by sliding down a snowy mountain in some old Jags, and stranded somewhere in Mozambique.

The usual assortment of exotic cars on hand for the Season in nothing short of impressive, but then again it wouldn’t be the grand tour without a few unaffordable (by mere mortals) cars like the new McLaren 720S and the world-beating Chiron.

Richard is also seen sliding around in the “ready for an aplocaplypse” Ariel Nomad, among other off roading and modified vehicles.

The full trailer is available to watch below. Stay tuned for more Grand Tour updates.

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