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The GEV Patagonia Lets you Drive and Camp Nearly Anywhere on the Planet

The Expedition Vehicle is a four-wheel drive RV that's ready to drive anywhere.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams March 30, 2019
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Sure, you can fly to just about anywhere in the world. Then grab a fancy hotel, a nice rental car, and spend some time being a tourist. Or, you can explore the world in a slightly more rugged fashion. You can get one of the special group of recreational vehicles that have the ability to drive nearly anywhere on the planet, then let you camp in comfort until you’re good and ready to move on to somewhere else.

Something like this. It’s the Global Expedition Vehicles Patagonia.

The Expedition Vehicle is a four-wheel drive RV that’s ready to drive anywhere. Based on a big truck chassis, not a van or pickup. So it offers ground clearance measured in meters, tires taller than small cars, and a sleeping compartment that’s designed to handle anything the world can throw at you. Unlike the more convetional RV that is left stranded by anything much more severe than a dirt road.

GEV started with a buyer who couldn’t find what they wanted from another manufacturer. So they built their own. Now they build them for other people.

GEV Patagonia

GEV Patagonia GEV Patagonia


You start by picking your chassis from Kenworth, Freightliner, and more. Even a Unimog. The Patagonia bodywork starts from US $465,000, including the truck underneath. They can build it from 5.3m all the way to 8.8m long. The body uses foam insulation with reinforcement and it’s mounted in a way that lets the frame of the truck flex without the body twisting. The rear glass is dual-pane with locking points to make sure your gear stays safe.

Nearly 800L of diesel capacity gives you range and more generator time in the bush. Solar on the roof keeps your batteries charged. An optional outside kitchen lets you cook in the great outdoors, or you can stay in the standard one inside. There’s a queen-size bed because this rig is meant for comfort as much as capability. To help keep you comfy, you can get a Bose home theatre audio system and an LED TV. To help you camp longer, get a drinking water filtration system.

If you want to go further off-road, you can add winches capable of moving this big machine, off-road wheels, and off-road bumpers.

This is the kind of rig that will let you camp under the stars in a place that nobody has ever camped before. With granite countertops, a shower, and air conditioning. Which sounds pretty great to us.