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Eat, drink, be manly... and check out the cars!

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Sports, fashion, booze, gadgets, food… and most importantly: CARS! The Metro Toronto Convention Centre was flooded with some of the most dapper and manly men in the city at this year’s Gentlemen’s Expo. Men and women were walking around and relishing in all things male. The expo seems to get bigger and better every year with new activities and ways to learn how to master the craft of manliness.

The Gentlemen’s Expo is awesome because it’s basically a bunch of different exhibits combined into one. There were many booths that offer craft beer, spirits, wine, and cocktails… perfect for the alcohol aficionado. At the main stage, cooking and drink mixing classes went on throughout the weekend… just the thing for the gentleman who wants to learn how to cook for his lady. Believe it or not, there were a lot of activities at the show as well. There was excitement at every corner: a remote control car racetrack at one end, an archery tag course at the other, sport simulators, and a gentlemen’s casino where you had the chance to win a trip to Vegas. One of my favourite attractions was the bag jump because right in the middle of the expo you could climb up a 30 foot scaffold and land on a gigantic pillow – this was cool because it felt like extreme sporting in the middle of the MTCC. Another nice touch was the Sleeman booth that was a mock prohibition era bar. It was filled with flappers, live bands, and a barber that offered old-fashioned straight shaves. You had to give a password at the door, just like back in the 20’s. This year the question was, “What does the fox say?” People passing by heard me squealing like a lunatic just to get in! I loved it!

An expo this cool wouldn’t be complete without some awesome cars. The new Range Rover SVR was parked in the James Bond Spectre Lounge. 007 Fans had the opportunity to have a Bond-like martini while checking out the SVR that appears in the new SPECTRE film. For more information on the upcoming movie, click here:

Keeping in the James Bond theme of class and elegance… a couple of isles down from the Spectre Lounge was the Concierge Club’s booth showcasing the 2011 Aston Martin DBS.

2011 Aston Martin DBS rear

2011 Aston Martin DBS

Right in the middle of the expo was the Indian Motorcycle of Oakville booth. They showcased some newer style bikes as well as some awesome retro styles.

Indian Motorcycl

In the casino section Luxe Drive was showing off their gorgeous Rolls Royce Ghost with rear suicide doors. Perfect for the casino setting.

Rolls Royce Ghost

No expo is complete without a Pfaff booth. Pfaff brought along the new Audi RS7!

Audi RS7

My favourite car at the exhibit had to be in the Elite Drivers Club booth. A classic bright blue 1975 Corvette… I love classics. Elite told me that their members actually drive this beauty.

1975 Corvette

The Gentlemen’s expo was the perfect way to have a little car show while enjoying some entertainment, food and drinks. Don’t worry, if you missed it, just make sure you get some tickets in 2016. It seems to get bigger and better every year… that applies to the cars too!

Photos courtesy of Alex at Alex DeFrancesco Photography

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