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That's hot! Racer drifts so hard
his car spontaneously combusts

The obsessive, neverending quest to drift harder, faster and longer is not only spawning an obsessive, neverending string of movies, it’s also leading to some pretty spectacular videos.

Such as this one (below), which I have given the working title: “The Fast, the Furious and the Flambeed.”

In this sizzling YouTube vignette, hilariously set up on, a Polish racecar is goaded into drift overdrive during a two-man duel last weekend and drifts his car so hard it spontaneously combusts.

Listen for the tell-tale pop of windows shattering just before the flames explode out of the vehicle. Also, notice how fast the emergency vehicle gets there. That driver could probably do a little racing of his own!

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  • That's hot! Racer drifts so hard <br>his car spontaneously combusts

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