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Tempers do a burnout as 'crazy old' neighbour shoots at hoon's car

  • Car queue in the bad traffic road. Selective focus.

It’s a classic story of hotheaded-old-man-losing-it-on-young-hooligans.

Except that when it unfolds in rural Australia, is peppered with expletives, fuzzied with Australian accents and broadcast on national news (video below), it all just becomes so much more entertaining. In fact, Clint Eastwood may very well be in negotiations for the rights to Gran Torino, Down Under, at this very moment.

It started with a reckless hoon doing stunts in the dirt roads of a small village, according to Jalopnik. And the village may be small, but when one of its residents is a senior citizen who claims to have “20 years of shooting experience” and a short fuse, things can get volatile pretty quickly.

Shane Tenhagius, 23, admits he was doing a burnout in his street in Marrakai when his neighbour, George Bunting, 61, suddenly came after him with a gun and started shooting at him.

“Pumped two into me windscreen,” Tenhagius told Channel 9 News, adding that Bunting also shot into the car’s grill and bumper as well as at his house and at him while he was on his deck, all while saying “motherf—er, you think you’re deadly?”

Tenhagius then chased the shooter, who fired back at him but did not hit him.

When asked by a reporter what was going through his mind while he was being shot at, Tenhagius offered this thoughtful and curse-splattered insight:

“What a crazy (expletive deleted)! What a (expletive deleted) fruit loop! Who does this, you know? That’s fruit loop! Honestly! I got no car now.”

The shooter, for his part, gives a similarly delightful interview and does not come off the least bit like the maniac Tenhagius seems to think he is. (You can see George Bunting’s interview below as well.)

In the meantime, Bunting has been charged, Tenhagius has been charged, everybody has been charged. Which means perhaps the streets of Marraki will be quieter for the next few nights at least.

Videos: Warning, some foul language.

  • Tempers do a burnout as 'crazy old' neighbour shoots at hoon's car

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