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Taycan Away: Porsche has More than 20k Deposits for Not yet Revealed EV

It's not a small deposit, either, Porsche says that a reservation requires a down payment of €2,500 (CAD $3,770).

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams March 8, 2019

How much interest is there in Porsche’s upcoming electric sedan? Well, buyers aren’t exactly lining up in front of dealers just yet, but there are still a lot of drivers who are, well, taken by a Taycan. Even before the company officially unveils it.

20,000 people. Porsche says more than 20,000 customers around the world have put down a deposit for the all-electric Taycan. It’s not a small deposit, either, Porsche says that a reservation requires a down payment of €2,500 (CAD $3,770).

“The overwhelming interest in the Taycan shows us that our customers and fans are just as excited about the first Porsche electric athlete as we are,” said Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche. “The Taycan will be the most sporty and most technically advanced vehicle in its segment – a true Porsche.”

All for a car that we haven’t even yet seen. Sure there are some spy shots floating around. And there are even some renderings of the Mission E concept from Porsche, like the ones at the top of this article. But the automaker says that “its final design is not yet known.” Though we assume that means to us, because it will be shown to the public in September so they better have it figured out by now.

all-electric Taycan

So what do we know about the Taycan? Well, it started out as the Mission E concept. Then it got a new name for production. Taycan, a name which the company says means “spirited young horse.” If that sounds odd, remember that Ferrari isn’t the only one with a prancing horse in its logo. Porsche’s had one in there since 1952.

We know that it will have a pair of electric motors that can put out more than 600 hp. The company says that means 100 km/h in under 3.5 seconds from a stop. And what Porsche calls “a continuous power level that is unprecedented among electric vehicles.” And Porsche has said that the Taycan will have a max range of more than 500 km on the NEDC. It will also have Porsche’s new 800V battery architecture that it says can take on 100 km of range in just four minutes. On the proper charger of course.

Finally, we know there’s been enough demand that Porsche has added production capacity in order to let them build more. Originally they had planned on building just 20,000 per year, so that number has had to go up.