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'Sweet' resto car for sale on eBay

Crushed Ford Fiesta LX attracting ridiculously high bids on eBay

Is there anything you can’t sell on eBay? Probably not, if you know how to spin it.

Take this “unfinished restoration” project Fiesta that “runs sweet and uses no oil.” Carbuzz reports that this baby has gone viral on eBay’s UK website and is about to make its current owner rich, proving the power of humour and also the truth of the old phrase “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

Yes, it appears to be nothing but a crushed hunk of metal that may or may not ever have been a Ford Fiesta LX. But its owner says he has “put a lot of time and even more money getting into its current condition” and notes it just needs “a few odds and ends tidying up to bring it to mint show condition.”

What’s more, the seller says, the “engine runs sweet and uses no oil, gearbox is tight and there are no unusual rattles.”

Anybody interested? You’d better be ready to pony up. The seller states he won’t be letting it go for “a stupidly low price.”

He is, however, entertaining some stupidly high prices.

The current highest bid is £153,800 (about $249,00 Cdn). Real estate in Florida, anyone?

With files from Carbuzz

  • 'Sweet' resto car for sale on eBay
  • 'Sweet' resto car for sale on eBay

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