• SUV-based Cabriolet

SUV Cabriolet coming from VW

Volkswagen has announced it will product a SUV-based cabriolet coming out in 2020.

Avatar By: Wheels.ca March 9, 2018
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The Volkswagen Group Supervisory Board has confirmed it will build a SUV-based Cabriolet stated to go on sale in Europe in early 2020.

SUVs are currently making a key contribution to the growth of the Volkswagen Group’s core brand. With 720,000 Tiguan vehicles delivered, this car is among the 10 best-selling models in the world and the top three SUV’s.

By 2020, the brand intends to expand its SUV range throughout the world to 20 models. By then, about 40 per cent of the vehicles sold by Volkswagen are to be SUV’s.

With the new cabriolet based on the T-Roc, Volkswagen will further reinforce its presence in the compact SUV segment, one of the fastest-growing segments in global automobile markets.

With the new cabriolet based on the T-Roc, Volkswagen is bringing this body style into the currently particularly strong growing SUV segment.

This model continues Volkswagen’s cabriolet tradition, which dates back almost 70 years. The original version of the T-Roc was successfully launched in European markets at the end of 2017.

SUV-based Cabriolet

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