Subaru and IBM Japan team up for safety 

Subaru and IBM Japan and working together to improve Subaru’s innovative EyeSight safety system using IBM’s cloud and cognitive technologies.

  • Subaru IBM team for safety

Subaru and IBM Japan have announced the two companies are exploring collaboration in the development of a data analytics system for test images from the advanced safety system including output from EyeSight.

It uses cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the advanced driver assist system segment.

Working together with IBM Japan, Subaru developed a system that integrates and comprehensively manages vast amounts of test image data.

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The system has been in operation starting this month. This will allow Subaru engineers to easily search for and analyze needed test images.

This system is also expected to lead to improved development efficiency, significantly contributing towards the attainment of the advanced driver assist.

In the future Subaru and IBM Japan will investigate the building of a new system using IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) for Automotive an internet of things (IoT) solution for the automotive industry based on IBM cloud, and will advance to verify applicability of the technology in the advanced driver assist system through understanding characteristics of the latest technologies in the cloud and AI.


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