Eye Candy: Restored Mustang Sally is talent agent's pride and joy

Rob Taggart loves driving his Mustang Sally.

  • 1971 Mustang convertible

The Car: 1971 Mustang convertible

The Owner: Rob Taggart, Toronto

The Story: A Toronto-area talent agent, Taggart bought “Sally,” his metallic black 1971 Mustang convertible, after it had been lovingly restored by a close friend to its original state inside and out with new body panels and parts, right down to the chassis.

Not a trace of body work or putty was used in the meticulous restoration project, which took more than three years to complete.

Ford Motor Company’s 1971 model Mustang underwent a major redesign for the first time since the carmaker introduced its new breed of compact-like ‘pony car’ class vehicle in 1964.

Through five generations, over the next 49 years, the Mustang would go through various changes. Some were drastic such as the downsized Mustang II built from 1974-78, which was inspired by that decade’s energy crisis.

Built in Detroit, Sally was owned by the father of one of Taggart’s friends. Now, underneath that unassuming long and lean hood beats a 5.8-litre heart, powered by its 351 Windsor V8 with a racing cam, four-barrel Holly carb. and a five-speed manual transmission.

It may not look like a muscle car, but it can run with that pack on the street, highway or track.

“The car was actually going to be built for racing, and was designed accordingly, but looks are deceiving. It looks like a sleeper, but it’s definitely a muscle car. That’s the beauty of it,” said its proud owner.

He enjoys driving his Mustang Sally to car shows, on Sunday cruises and, to do justice to its power train, for occasional laps around the race track. He uses it as a company car and leases the car out for special events, photo shoots and promotions.

‘I feel like the Mayor when I’m driving it, because people can’t help looking at the car. I’ve had bus drivers pull up to get a closer look and I’ve even had a police officer give me the thumbs up.

“It’s a real attention-grabber wherever you go,” he said.

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