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Stage 5: Dakar continues for Canadian KTM rider

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Following a tough finish to Stage 4, when Canadian motorcycle rider Patrick Beaule suffered a blown engine after the competitive section, Stage 5 seems to have thankfully been drama free. Having been towed 400 km through a transit section, the Aldo Racing team mechanic replaced the engine and Beaule was able to continue the next day. The #154 is showing in position 61 overall as of the end of yesterday’s riding.

Today’s stage is a long one, with 330 km of transits and a whopping 438 km special stage. The live scoring seems to be actually working at the moment and is showing #154 is running at a somewhat slower pace today, in 95th spot on the stage.

The Cars

There is lots of action at the top of the leaderboard in the cars division. Stephane Peterhansel still has the overall lead in his MINI, followed by Al-Attiyah in a buggy and De Villiers in a Toyota.

Yesterday’s stage finishes however did not reflect the leaderboard. Nani Roma in another MINI finished ahead of Peterhansel on the stage. Having repaired his rollover damaged Hummer overnight, American racing star Robby Gordon was flying on stage 5 and finished the day in third spot on the podium. Gordon has a lot of ground to cover, as he is way back in 36th position overall.

So far today, Roma, Peterhansel and Gordon are the top three as of the first waypoint.

Here are some highlights from yesterday.

I know this has nothing to do with cars or bikes, but it was so cool I had to share it. Two-time Red Bull Air Race champion, Kirby Chambliss, flew his tiny aerobatic machine from the United States all the way to Lima, Peru, to perform at the opening ceremonies of Dakar. To put that into perspective, that would be like driving a racing kart from New York to Los Angeles. It would not be very comfortable.

Chambliss in action is simply spectacular!

  • Stage 5: Dakar continues for Canadian KTM rider

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