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Speedy driver learns a hard lesson in slowing down

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Driving experts around the globe tell drivers how important it is to slow down when the roads are even a little bit wet. Equally important is the need to make sure your tires are in good condition. As we all know, a good many drivers think the the laws of physics don’t apply to them. Either that or the appointment they are rushing to is more important than arriving in one piece.

The driver in the video below learned the hard way. As he exits an expressway, our driver encounters a slick off-ramp. In the first turn, a gentle right hander, the camera angle indicates that the car oversteers (wags its tail) a bit and then when the road bends left, it snaps in the opposite direction, sending the car into the wall. This rolls the car up onto the driver’s door, upon which it goes for a slide. Don’t worry, it sounds like our driver is unhurt. The same can’t be said for his car.

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  • Speedy driver learns a hard lesson in slowing down

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