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Special Section: Winter driving guide

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Don’t fool yourself. Winter is coming! And with it, motorists will have to contend with snow, slush, ice, frigid temperatures, and unprepared drivers.

Don’t be among those unprepared for winter’s worst.

Click on the links below for everything you need to know about winter driving and winter tires:

What to include in your winter emergency kit

How to prepare for winter driving

How to find the best used winter tires online

The best new winter tires for 2012-2013

Don’t try to save by buying only two winter tires

How to survive driving in a snow storm

8 common winter driving mistakes

All-season tires for all winters: Myth or reality?

Does all-wheel drive actually help in winter?

Tire dilemma: Should you use winter tires all-year round?

When is the best time to install winter tires?

  • Special Section: Winter driving guide

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