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Smart Fortwo sucks at off-roading

But the little car that could gets the last laugh in hilarious new ad

The Smart Fortwo is sort of like the smallest, weakest, smartest kid in class. It gets snickered at for being small and weak, but then it gets the last laugh because it’s smart.

Its deliciously clever new ad (video below) plays on exactly this stereotype, and blends in a little self-deprecation for good measure. It’s a brilliant example of the power of advertising.

For example, the Smart Fortwo is tiny. It’s gutless (comparatively speaking), its gas mileage could be better and it couldn’t off-road if its life depended on it.

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Yet this new ad from Smart Germany, hilariously sent up on Jalopnik, shows the Fortwo attempting to climb hills, crawl over rocks and cross deep water like a Humvee.

Not surprisingly, it fails miserably.

But that’s okay, because the Fortwo has a trick or two up its sleeve. And that’s where the punchline comes in.

We won’t spoil it for you by telling you how this ad ends, but we can tell you this: it’s guaranteed to make you smile — and possibly even try off-roading in a Smart Fortwo.

With files from Jalopnik

Video: We all love it when the underdog wins.

  • Smart Fortwo sucks at off-roading

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