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Sketch a New Ram Truck, Get Judged By FCA's Design Bosses

You've got until 5 pm Eastern tomorrow to do your best sketch.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams April 8, 2020

If you’ve been sitting around playing with crayons and coloured pencils, just waiting for something useful to draw, then Fiat Chrysler might have just the ticket. It’s a chance to have your sketch seen by FCA design heads Ralph Gilles and Mark Trostle, and they want you to sketch your best idea for a Ram truck.

It’s part of FCA’s Drive for Design contest, which is a chance for U.S. high school students to win prizes but also to get the chance to learn about career opportunities in automotive design.

Today, though, they’re opening up a special contest that lets everyone put sketch to pad and have some fun in the clay model whitespace that is your imagination.

The rules are pretty simple. You’ve got until 5 pm Eastern tomorrow to do your best sketch for a sweet new Ram truck. It doesn’t have to be based on a current one, it’s what you want to see not what you have seen.#DriveforDesign

FCA says you can do it yourself on this one, or you can do it with the family. Maybe everyone can submit their own or you can all argue over whose is best.

When it’s done, submit your sketch to the comment section of the FCA North America Facebook Sketch Battle post and use #DriveforDesign. You can also tweet it to @FiatChrysler_NA using the same hashtag. If you’re submitting an entry, it must have FCADriveforDesign.com written or printed somewhere on the sketch page.

Once all the entries are in, Fiat Chrysler Head of Design Mark Gilles and Head of Design for Ram and Mopar Mark Trostle will look through the entries, pick out their favourites, and post them to Instagram.

To help get you started, FCA has posted one of their own, and it’s a pretty cool throwback to a Dodge that not many remember. Called the Rampage, a nod to the subcompact car-truck Dodge sold back in the 1980s, it combines the grille of a Ram pickup, the body of a Challenger Hellcat Widebody, and a pickup-truck bed. Perfect for hauling spare tires around for when you roast the rears. It also has a fun new take on the yellow splitter shipping guards that are becoming synonymous with the hottest new Dodge muscle cars.

So good luck, and good drawing. We’d show you our best, but, well, we’ll do everyone a favour and hold back.