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Singer's Bugatti is as good as gold

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Sometimes a plain old $2.5 million Bugatti just isn’t enough. Such as when you’re rich and famous and one of the top dogs in a genre that has made the Bugatti its personal status symbol.

The problem, of course, quickly becomes: “You got a Bugatti? Yawn. Drake already has one. And so does Diddy. And Chris Brown.”

Forcing multiple hit-maker Flo Rida to up the ante all the way to: “Oh yeah? Well mine is gold! With gold rims!”

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Vibe magazine reports that the “Whistle” singer purchased his car in pearl white, “but got it revamped in all-gold-everything chrome finish by Metro Wrapz.” They even put 24-carat gold chrome on the rims.

The Florida company specializes in chrome finishes on cars for celebrities, and has tweaked cars for LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and more.

The question now is: was it worth it? Some car websites have pronounced the gold Bugatti “grotesque.” Others say it’s “stunning.”

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  • Singer's Bugatti is as good as gold
  • Singer's Bugatti is as good as gold
  • Singer's Bugatti is as good as gold

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