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Shia LaBeouf slaps biker with his eyes

Unexpected encounter with glowering actor leaves motorcyclist wondering 'What was that about?'

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A motorcyclist who was out for a spin in Burbank, Calif., last week felt a pair of eyes burning into him while he was stopped a red light.

He ignored the staring at first, then eventually glanced to his right and was shocked to see actor Shia LaBeouf beside him in a black Silverado, glowering menacingly.

Or is it admiringly?

Or it is just creepily?

The motorcyclist, YouTube poster philipjcaputo, isn’t really sure, and neither are most of the more than 1 million viewers who’ve checked out the video (below), titled “Shia LaBeouf staring at me in Burbank.”

But it’s certainly generating some buzz, with websites and news outlets from Gawker to Huffington Post reporting on the odd encounter.

Some speculate LaBeouf is “getting into character” for a role in an upcoming World War II film. He has apparently been spotted around town wearing the same military-style outfit three times in a single week.

Others say it looks like he was just checking out the motorcyclist’s sweet ride, being an avid biker himself.

Still others say LaBeouf was likely trying to intimidate him because he had been lane-splitting (which by the way is legal in California), while simultaneously mocking his tough-guy “fail”.

It’s hardly the mystery of Mona Lisa’s smile, but it is kind of intriguing to watch LaBeouf’s odd staredown. Watch the video yourself and then tell us: “What was that about?”

  • Shia LaBeouf slaps biker with his eyes

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