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Shell gas station offers 39 Cents For A Litre Of Fuel

Shell gas station relives its glory days

  • Glory Days

Do you remember the Eighties? The water was blue, skies were clear and gas was cheap (cheaper than it is now, at any rate).

To celebrate 3 decades refining oil in Alberta, Shell decided to relive the glory days by selling their bronze-grade fuel at $0.399 cents a litre, just like it was when they opened their first refinery.

Of course, this deal won’t last: it was only for one hour during October 8, and it was only available at a few select Shell gas stations.

Still, it was a very clever marketing ploy, and a quick look at the brand’s Twitter account shows a lot of customers were waiting at the pumps to relive this bygone era (and to save some money!)

By LC Media

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