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Selena Gomez has gas pains

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So, fine, nobody ever said Selena Gomez was an expert on cars. But surely one should have at least a basic grasp of how to operate and maintain the motorized vehicle they are driving, especially if they are currently playing a jacker of high-end Mustangs in a hot summer movie? In this TMZ video, Gomez is outed as a lovable but completely clueless motorist when she pulls up to a Hollywood gas station but doesn’t know which side the gas tank is on in her new BMW X5 SUV, can’t figure out how to fill the tank when she does find it, can’t corner and doesn’t pay much attention to making sure her clothes are safely inside the vehicle before driving away.
You can watch the  TMZ video, oddly titled “white girl problems,” below, then answer our tongue-in-cheek poll: Is this BMW X5 wasted on Selena Gomez?

  • Selena Gomez has gas pains

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