See Le Mans at night through the eyes of a Corvette driver

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To say that on-board cameras have gotten good would be an understatement, but still don’t quite catch exactly what a driver sees. Jordon Taylor, one of the pilots of the #73 Corvette at Le Mans this year decided to strap a Go Pro to his helmet in order to let fans see exactly what he sees. The folks at Motor Sports Media have posted a lap of this footage that was shot during practice on Friday night. There are a few things that stand out. One of the first things that any advanced driving instructor will pound into students is the need to look as far ahead as possible. That means looking forward to the next corner. Taylor’s head action clearly shows this strategy at work, as he is definitely looking to the next corner in each turn. On the longer straights, you can see him checking his mirror to make sure he does not get in the way of any of the much faster prototype cars. That is not to say that the Vette isn’t blindingly fast. Look down at the info cluster and you’ll see how often the Chevy is in sixth gear at 170+ mph (270+ km/h) one moment and in second gear at 40 the next. Incredible machines being operated by incredible drivers!

Gymkhana 5 teaser video released
It is safe to say that Ken Block and the DC Shoes/Monster Energy crowd know their way around the creation of a viral video. Part of the equation is offering up a teaser video a week or two before the launch to build buzz. If you can make that teaser exciting and actually foreshadow a bit of excitement, then all the better. The latest in the Gymkhana series, this teaser is shot from a helicopter and shows Block hooning it up on a barge in San Francisco harbour. I’m no genius, but I can’t see how even block can keep viewers entranced for five minutes of drifting around on a barge, even if he does take the Ford for an inevitable swim. Nope, I think the barge is headed to Alcatraz, so that Block can unleash more than just the stadium rock soundtrack of Europe!

Russia style Bride-Zilla
One might imagine that one of the first rules of driving a limo would be to never upset the bride. In the following video, the driver of what appears to be a stretched Chrysler 300 is berated by a wedding gown clad bride who clearly has been upset. I don’t speak Russian, so I can’t tell you whether the extra long Mopar died on the road, or if the young lady just realized that she had hired a bright red car for her festivities.

Russian driver turns stuntman when Lada driver tries to flee accident scene
Originally I was going to put this one in the what the heck files, until I decided to put some of the Youtube comments through Google translate. It seems that the guy that is doing his best Hollywood stunt man impression was the victim of a hit and run. The hitter was apparently the guy in the sexy little Lada wagon. One look at the little box tells me that neither insurance papers nor a pocket full of cash or going to play a part in the end result here, so why risk life and limb on top of an already damaged car?

  • See Le Mans at night through the eyes of a Corvette driver

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