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Rustproof your car if you want it to last

What do firetrucks, ambulances, hydro vehicles, transit buses and municipal fleet vehicles have in common with your personal car or truck?

The owners expect them to last a long time and, preferably, stay rust-free during their extended time in service. Replacing specialized vehicles costs a fortune, so getting additional working years out of each one can mean substantial savings. A rust-free vehicle also commands a higher price when it finally comes time to sell.

Frankly, I think all those positives should carry over to my own personal vehicle, so I have it rustproofed annually at the same place that treats the vast array of the fleet vehicles listed above.

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Every fall, I?m besieged by reader questions on rustproofing. Perhaps the most concrete way to express my opinion on the topic is to say that I?ve had light-oil spray rustproofing professionally applied to my own vehicles by a Mississauga Rust Check outlet for the past decade.

To be fair, I?ve no qualms with light oil sprays from Krown, Ziebart and Perma-Shine, which I?ve used prior to that. But I?m happy with this shop and its no-drip undercoating, and see no reason to switch.

Light oil rustproofing is time-tested technology that I can understand (unlike electronic rustproofing), and I think it?s a safe bet to go with a product which all those fleet users trust.

Franchise owner Kelly Hughson has operated the Dundas and Wolfedale Rust Check location for over 20 years and has personally rustproofed all types of vehicles from cars to firetrucks. Despite his experience, he still undergoes annual re-training to safely treat even the newest hybrid and all-electric cars coming out today.

?Automakers typically make it sound like you?ll void your warranty if you use an aftermarket rustproofing treatment,? says Hughson. ?But that is absolutely not true.?

In fact, many new car dealerships will sell rusproofing packages and then send the car to an aftermarket shop like Hughson?s for treatment before delivery to the customer.

  • Rustproof your car if you want it to last

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